Wednesday, October 8, 2008

T4W2 Reflection

During the competition,I bought drinks to drink during recess to contribute+alot of newspaper.I remember that people went around buying cans.Keith and I sold our cans for 50 cents each.Later, we knew that we were not supposed to buy cans and we did not sell to that person anymore.

T4W1 Reflection

During Mid-Autumn Festival, I only did 1 thing and that was PLAY!!!!I did not celebrate as I was too occupied with playing.Even when my my borther and mother was playing with candles and burning stuff, I did not do anything.Too bad for me,my mother did not want me to become a "computer addict",thus,she offed my computer and made me go to sleep. ='(

Sunday, September 7, 2008

T3W10 Reflection

When I went to camp Bahtera, I really did not sleep well. Due to me forgetting to bring my pillow and people making lots of noise. People kicking the metal railings when they sleep, people closing and opening the doors to go to the toilet. In the day, it has almost no sound but when the night arrives, the sound is multiplied several times. in the end, I slept bout 4 a.m when the noise died down as almost everyone except me is sleeping. The worst part is that some people who did not sleep woke everyone up at 6.30. and Goldwin actually to sleep till 6.45 with all the noise... I really wonder how he did it. Even the teachers had to come out to scold the pupils cause they made to much noise, resulting into the teachers waking up.
During the campfire, I sat on a bee for 1/2 an hour. I was about to go and do the performance when I looked at my seat and saw it there. Whats more, it was still moving. It stopped moving when someone gave it 3 good steps. During the performance Trevor did not perform because he was too scared. I think the teacher did not realize that though.
During the abseiling, I accidentally walked up the stairs to the 4th floor. I was planning to go to the 2nd floor only. I knew that it was the 4th floor only when I saw no more staircases going up.I was very scared when I was standing on the metal pole. I was scared that I would fall. But, when I came down slowly, the fear faded and i begun to enjoy it. Still, after I came down I had to take deep breaths.
(Why is it that when i spell Bahtera and Goldwin, a red curvy line appears below them, and when i spell Trevor nothing happens?Isn't red line supposed to be for wrong spelling?If it means that names aren't a English word then why Trevor is a English word?)

T3W9 Reflection

I don't think that i put in any effort on the class test at all cause i did not study much. Even when it was the exam week i still played computer for at least 2 hours a day. But, my exam results are much higher then i expected, especially chines which i usually below 35/50, and i got 47/50. I think its cause the papers was easier as many i did not find any difficult words that i do not know how to read(I usually find about 10 word). I can't find my maths file, I will look for it again, and then if I cant find it, I will go and buy a new one, so, please tell me if mine is with you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

T3W8 Reflection

I think that the Singapore spirt is us, Singaporean's spirit. I think that our sports players did well as they not only managed to get a silver medal, they gave their best and had sportsmanship.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

T3W8 Reflection

I think that she should not have coppied the Prime Minister's words, and should have known that people would do it, and if she did not want it, she should not do it in the 1st place. Thus, I believe that she is wrong, but I thing that maybe its because she doesn't know.


I think that taking others software and stuff is bad but I used to do so... although ever since I learnt of copyright, I never did it again, maybe its cause I did not have the need to do so... I usually copy stuff from the internet such as images and infomation. Although, I dont copy everything from 1 web, but find many infomation and put them together.

T3W6 Reflection

Dear Miss Lee,
I think that people from different races can get along well if they coperate. It depends on wether we are willing to do so. If we fell that we are better than other races, we will never get along with each other. We should play with people from other racs more often.If so, I believe that all dislike for people from other races will disappear.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bleach slide show

T4W4 reflection

I think that cyberbulling is making someone afraid of you or do what you say. I once encountered a bully when I was playing a game. The name of the game is runescape. I was cutting some trees when he asked me to stop as this place was his or something like that. When I did not say anything, he got some people to cut down all the trees, and surrounded me, giving me a hard time walking. In the end, I quit the game, hoping that after awhile he would forget about me. But, he came after me for the next few times I logged on. He always stopped me from achieving my goals. Soon, I was fed up with him and I asked him what did he want. He said that if I handed him all the wood I cut, apologize, give him some money and leave the place at once, he would let it go, but now, it was too late. In the end, I quited the game as I found it boring;. and I managed to find another game to replace it. Although the bully was the one who made me dislike the game, if not for him, I would not know of other new and more fun games. So, I didn't really dislike him.

Friday, July 11, 2008

T3W4 Reflection

I think that a good idea would be a hidding some stuff in our school(maybe tokens) and we can collect tokens and redeem them for serval prizes. Write down where the tokens are in case we did not find where it is and teachers will know where it is. Also, teachers should tell students around where these tokens are. It can let us practise our observation and at the same time make us walk abit as exercise(i will never like it.....)

T3W3 Reflection

I think that people abuse the 999 call as they either don't know when to call it or not or they find it funny or as a joke. I think that I should call it when someone is in need of help that cannot be helped by passerby's. I feel that I should not call whenever somthing trival like not cathing a bus or missing the stop and comming out of the wrong bus and going into the wrong bus. These problems can be easily settled by yourself/parents/passerby's. If people abuse the 999 call, the people who have real problems might not be able to sucessfully call as the line is used

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I think that wearing P.E atire all day is bad as the atire is very smelly after P.E. Although, I think we should have a choice weather to change or not in case we go for recess late and have not enough time to eat and change.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Congats all for i finally deleted my videos!!!

Saving Gaia(Earth)

Gaia means Earth in Greek.

T2W10 Reflection

Well, I think that scientist cannot foresee a earthquake.Although,I heard stories about frogs jumping about as if trying to escape from Sichuan before the earthquake.If it is true,I think that it is not the scientist, but animals that can foresee a earthquake or disaster.I think that after that incident, the people of Sichuan can survive without someone to help him or her, and that,I believe, is the best thing about the earthquake.Although the people of Sichuan have lost their friends and family, they have learnt a important thing

T2W9 Reflection

Although i do not take school bus to school,I used too take it in Primary 1 and 2.I do not think that the bus has any safety problems as the bus driver in my bus always reminds pupils to seat down and not walk about and hold onto something just in case he suddenly brakes.But,some people do not listen and they play hand games instead of holding onto something and some walk to their friends seats and back.Still, most pupils follow the words of the driver.

T2W8 Reflection

My family does not celebrate Mothers Day.I thought of making a card for my mother,but when i was about to do it, mothers day already passed...I tried making it to prepare for next years mothers day,but I accidentally used it as ruff paper to do a maths sum... Now, i am trying to do a power point slide instead of a card for Mothers Day.I just hope i don't forget I did it.Its almost complete.All thats left is the thank you slide.I am trying too gt a beautiful picture for it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

T2W7 Reflection

I normally don't eat in the canteen as I usually eat home-made bread outside the Chinese room while playing chess. I think that my favorite stall would be stall 2 as the food can be brought around as long as I don't dirty the place. I think that the food sold is not healthy as most of it is very oily. I think that food in the canteen is not very clean as they made it from home and I think that they might have insects in their house and sometimes, insects might crawl in. I remember Minsuk telling me that his brother ate a plate of noodles and saw a cockroach!!!

T2W6 Reflection

HFMD is a illness that is normally affecting children. I can tell if my friend might have HFMD if he has fever or ulcers. It affects many children other than children under 5. I know as if it only affects children under 5, the school will not be warning me and other students about HFMD. The main thing needed to prevent HFMD is to keep myself clean, like washing hands frequently. I do not know of anone who has gotten HFMD. People who has HFMD should not go to school/work. I would advise children to keep thenself clean.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

IFD (T2W5)

Miss Lee,
This Journal is made specially for you. It is about how to improve the International Friendship Day, or, IFD. You should make a skit. In this skit, you may include the following points as the "theme" is Sports.
1.There were two good friends(male)(I will call them John and Jim)
2.Jim of them won a sports competition.
3.Soon, he became arrogant and despised John.
4.Jim lost in a competition one day, and everyone other than John wanted to be his friend.
5.Soon, Jim won a sports competition again.
6.But, Jim only wanted John for his friend.
7.End with them having fame and money, but still best of friends.

Showing Courtesy (T2W4)

Showing courtesy is actually very easy but some people just DON'T like showing courtesy. One way of showing courtesy is to let someone else do something before we do it. An example is when you see a old man/woman in a bus with no seats, and you willingly offered your seat. Sometimes, road accidents happen when people don't show courtesy. An example is when the car driver is unwilling to give way to the pedestrian, and neither is the pedestrian willing to give way, and, in the end, the pedestrian will probably be knocked down......
By the way, the ROAD TRAFFIC GAMES had 0% of courtesy, most of the people were running, and one person was almost knocked down by a "Gold Cart". Everyone was asking me to sign their paper as I was a Road Marshall, and when I told them that they were not supposed to come to me when their paper did not need to have the "Bus Stop 2"(Which was my stand) question, but they insisted on making me sign!!!(I was telling them the truth......) Also, i would like to complain that my stand had lots of ants and SPIDERS!!! It made me unable to sit for the whole time!!!

By the way, I don't understand why my writing is of different size when i made it all of smallest size.....(It does not include this statement)

My Dream (T2W3)

My Dream is to be a ......

But......I think that I am not good enough to be one......
I think that....I need to go to a secondary school with making games as a CCA.
But now, I need to concentrate on my studies and not MY DREAMS!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Term 2 week 2 Journal Reflection

I feel that Excellece is doing the best I can do and never giving up.I think that EXCELLENCE is about what you have achieved. Maybe, if you scored 100 for a subject, that is excellence. If you at least get 65 marks when you usally get 40+, it is also excellence...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Journal (5)

During the Bukit Chandu, I went to old ford factory and of course, Bukit chandu. At old ford factory, i first watched two clip regarding Lieutenant Adnan bin Saidi, a war hero. I found the 1st one more interesting than the 2nd one as the 2nd was more of a news kind of clip. Later at Bukit Chandu, I saw 4 telephones . Each of the 4 telephones had its own language and said different things. i tried the Chinese and English telephones. I found the Chinese telephone very hard to understand. Before going back, i saw another clip. This time, the sound was very loud. I thought i might go deaf!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Journal (4)

I feel that the British were overconfident when Singapore was attacked by the Japanese. I think so because they assumed the Japanese would attack from the sea and never thought that they would attack from the air. In addition, they did not train hard at all. I feel that if they had considered all possibility's the Japanese would attack from and did their training seriously, the Japanese would not have won.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Journal (3)

Dear Miss Lee,

Do you kow what I would like to see in the trip to Bukit Chandu? I hope to see a GHOST!!! I would want to hunt them over there with Goldwin,Dillon and Keith.But I would try to score 90 and above in that worksheet.I hope this trip will be exciting and fun because of the ghosts and exibits and I am really looking foward to the trip!!!!!!!!!!

Journal 2

Miss Lee,

Happy 鼠年
On the Chinese New Year Eve, I went to my grandmother's house at Hougang. I spent my time there playing my computer games(It was so fun playing the games!!!)At around,My family had our reunion dinner,also known as "团圆饭".We also had a chance to "捞鱼生". The Raw fish was the best!!!!!! After dinner, our parents said we have to"首岁" for long life to them. Guess what time I slept? 2 a.m!!!The whole day was fun.The next day(初一),was the best day I had because TOO many Ang pao to take. But I am not going to tell you how much I got for the sake of privacy. The day was almost the same as the eve(yesterday).Now to your questions,
1)I love chinese new year! My feelings are only happy and excited because of the ang paos!
2)It signifies prosperity , happiness and a good year ahead.
3)I love the ang pao money and almost nothing is not enjoyable.
4)The money and goodies just make me enjoy the festival.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Journal (1)

I feel that not treating a 'newbie' badly by throwing bad remarks about him is very bad as I was treated like that at some worldwide games,thus I ,having experienced it,does not want others to feel it as it is hurtful.