Sunday, September 7, 2008

T3W10 Reflection

When I went to camp Bahtera, I really did not sleep well. Due to me forgetting to bring my pillow and people making lots of noise. People kicking the metal railings when they sleep, people closing and opening the doors to go to the toilet. In the day, it has almost no sound but when the night arrives, the sound is multiplied several times. in the end, I slept bout 4 a.m when the noise died down as almost everyone except me is sleeping. The worst part is that some people who did not sleep woke everyone up at 6.30. and Goldwin actually to sleep till 6.45 with all the noise... I really wonder how he did it. Even the teachers had to come out to scold the pupils cause they made to much noise, resulting into the teachers waking up.
During the campfire, I sat on a bee for 1/2 an hour. I was about to go and do the performance when I looked at my seat and saw it there. Whats more, it was still moving. It stopped moving when someone gave it 3 good steps. During the performance Trevor did not perform because he was too scared. I think the teacher did not realize that though.
During the abseiling, I accidentally walked up the stairs to the 4th floor. I was planning to go to the 2nd floor only. I knew that it was the 4th floor only when I saw no more staircases going up.I was very scared when I was standing on the metal pole. I was scared that I would fall. But, when I came down slowly, the fear faded and i begun to enjoy it. Still, after I came down I had to take deep breaths.
(Why is it that when i spell Bahtera and Goldwin, a red curvy line appears below them, and when i spell Trevor nothing happens?Isn't red line supposed to be for wrong spelling?If it means that names aren't a English word then why Trevor is a English word?)