Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Term 2 week 2 Journal Reflection

I feel that Excellece is doing the best I can do and never giving up.I think that EXCELLENCE is about what you have achieved. Maybe, if you scored 100 for a subject, that is excellence. If you at least get 65 marks when you usally get 40+, it is also excellence...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Journal (5)

During the Bukit Chandu, I went to old ford factory and of course, Bukit chandu. At old ford factory, i first watched two clip regarding Lieutenant Adnan bin Saidi, a war hero. I found the 1st one more interesting than the 2nd one as the 2nd was more of a news kind of clip. Later at Bukit Chandu, I saw 4 telephones . Each of the 4 telephones had its own language and said different things. i tried the Chinese and English telephones. I found the Chinese telephone very hard to understand. Before going back, i saw another clip. This time, the sound was very loud. I thought i might go deaf!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Journal (4)

I feel that the British were overconfident when Singapore was attacked by the Japanese. I think so because they assumed the Japanese would attack from the sea and never thought that they would attack from the air. In addition, they did not train hard at all. I feel that if they had considered all possibility's the Japanese would attack from and did their training seriously, the Japanese would not have won.