Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Showing Courtesy (T2W4)

Showing courtesy is actually very easy but some people just DON'T like showing courtesy. One way of showing courtesy is to let someone else do something before we do it. An example is when you see a old man/woman in a bus with no seats, and you willingly offered your seat. Sometimes, road accidents happen when people don't show courtesy. An example is when the car driver is unwilling to give way to the pedestrian, and neither is the pedestrian willing to give way, and, in the end, the pedestrian will probably be knocked down......
By the way, the ROAD TRAFFIC GAMES had 0% of courtesy, most of the people were running, and one person was almost knocked down by a "Gold Cart". Everyone was asking me to sign their paper as I was a Road Marshall, and when I told them that they were not supposed to come to me when their paper did not need to have the "Bus Stop 2"(Which was my stand) question, but they insisted on making me sign!!!(I was telling them the truth......) Also, i would like to complain that my stand had lots of ants and SPIDERS!!! It made me unable to sit for the whole time!!!

By the way, I don't understand why my writing is of different size when i made it all of smallest size.....(It does not include this statement)