Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Journal (3)

Dear Miss Lee,

Do you kow what I would like to see in the trip to Bukit Chandu? I hope to see a GHOST!!! I would want to hunt them over there with Goldwin,Dillon and Keith.But I would try to score 90 and above in that worksheet.I hope this trip will be exciting and fun because of the ghosts and exibits and I am really looking foward to the trip!!!!!!!!!!

Journal 2

Miss Lee,

Happy 鼠年
On the Chinese New Year Eve, I went to my grandmother's house at Hougang. I spent my time there playing my computer games(It was so fun playing the games!!!)At around,My family had our reunion dinner,also known as "团圆饭".We also had a chance to "捞鱼生". The Raw fish was the best!!!!!! After dinner, our parents said we have to"首岁" for long life to them. Guess what time I slept? 2 a.m!!!The whole day was fun.The next day(初一),was the best day I had because TOO many Ang pao to take. But I am not going to tell you how much I got for the sake of privacy. The day was almost the same as the eve(yesterday).Now to your questions,
1)I love chinese new year! My feelings are only happy and excited because of the ang paos!
2)It signifies prosperity , happiness and a good year ahead.
3)I love the ang pao money and almost nothing is not enjoyable.
4)The money and goodies just make me enjoy the festival.