Wednesday, July 16, 2008

T4W4 reflection

I think that cyberbulling is making someone afraid of you or do what you say. I once encountered a bully when I was playing a game. The name of the game is runescape. I was cutting some trees when he asked me to stop as this place was his or something like that. When I did not say anything, he got some people to cut down all the trees, and surrounded me, giving me a hard time walking. In the end, I quit the game, hoping that after awhile he would forget about me. But, he came after me for the next few times I logged on. He always stopped me from achieving my goals. Soon, I was fed up with him and I asked him what did he want. He said that if I handed him all the wood I cut, apologize, give him some money and leave the place at once, he would let it go, but now, it was too late. In the end, I quited the game as I found it boring;. and I managed to find another game to replace it. Although the bully was the one who made me dislike the game, if not for him, I would not know of other new and more fun games. So, I didn't really dislike him.