Wednesday, August 20, 2008

T3W8 Reflection

I think that the Singapore spirt is us, Singaporean's spirit. I think that our sports players did well as they not only managed to get a silver medal, they gave their best and had sportsmanship.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

T3W8 Reflection

I think that she should not have coppied the Prime Minister's words, and should have known that people would do it, and if she did not want it, she should not do it in the 1st place. Thus, I believe that she is wrong, but I thing that maybe its because she doesn't know.


I think that taking others software and stuff is bad but I used to do so... although ever since I learnt of copyright, I never did it again, maybe its cause I did not have the need to do so... I usually copy stuff from the internet such as images and infomation. Although, I dont copy everything from 1 web, but find many infomation and put them together.

T3W6 Reflection

Dear Miss Lee,
I think that people from different races can get along well if they coperate. It depends on wether we are willing to do so. If we fell that we are better than other races, we will never get along with each other. We should play with people from other racs more often.If so, I believe that all dislike for people from other races will disappear.