Monday, April 20, 2009

T2W5 Reflection

Earth Day is not really important to me as I never participate in such things.But,I do reuse things regularly, and not try to waste things.I do it mainly because it saves money and time as by reusing,I do not ned to walk to the shop to buy it again.I have never doe anything with the inent of saving the Earth,I do things with the following motive:easy and fast.My family does not participate in Earth Day,and,thus,we do not have any activities planned for Earth Day.Though,we might reduce the electricity usuage that day.

Monday, April 6, 2009

T2W3 Reflection

I like the Computer Lab of the room, especially Computer Lab 1 as I do not need to climb too much staircase from the ground level to reach it.I do not like the staff room as I do not know how to knock on the door and always ends up waiting for a long time outside the staff room whenever I need to look for a teacher.I also do not really like the bookshop as I have to line up for a long time before I can buy what I want during recess and lunch time.I try to get what I want after or before these time, but I always forget about it.