Monday, July 13, 2009


The postponing of CCA does not really affect me as I do not have any CCA, so only the tempreture taking and linning up in the classroom are the only changes for me. I prefer to assemble in the classroom as if we asemble in the hall, it is usually very cramp and we waste time having to go back to the class. The tempreture taking is fine to its just that I always forget to write my tempreture on the log sheet for the class

Monday, April 20, 2009

T2W5 Reflection

Earth Day is not really important to me as I never participate in such things.But,I do reuse things regularly, and not try to waste things.I do it mainly because it saves money and time as by reusing,I do not ned to walk to the shop to buy it again.I have never doe anything with the inent of saving the Earth,I do things with the following motive:easy and fast.My family does not participate in Earth Day,and,thus,we do not have any activities planned for Earth Day.Though,we might reduce the electricity usuage that day.

Monday, April 6, 2009

T2W3 Reflection

I like the Computer Lab of the room, especially Computer Lab 1 as I do not need to climb too much staircase from the ground level to reach it.I do not like the staff room as I do not know how to knock on the door and always ends up waiting for a long time outside the staff room whenever I need to look for a teacher.I also do not really like the bookshop as I have to line up for a long time before I can buy what I want during recess and lunch time.I try to get what I want after or before these time, but I always forget about it.

Monday, March 30, 2009

T2x2 reflection

My favourite food is...I forgot.Maybe I ate too much or have not eaten it for a long time but I can't think of my favourite food.I do not like to eat vegtables, so I always eat minimal vegtables but I like to eat fruits. I think of the school campain as a normal daily not my problem thing as I would not ask for extra fruits or vegtables as I normally eat bread I brought from home for recess and I eat whatever I feel like, most of the time I won't eat things with vegtables or fruits.
Kim Tian

Monday, February 23, 2009

T1W8 Reflection

I like reading but I prefer reading comics more than books. Still, I have very few comics and they are very short. So, most of the time , I read books. I prefer fantasy books and I am curently reading the book "Warcraft". I feel as though I ave read it 100 times, but I still don't find it boring. I have read most of the books in my house and I only read it when I am bored. I usually don't read during holidays as it is the time for my to play^^.

Monday, February 16, 2009

T1W7 Reflection

I have a Science tution every Tuesday from 5-7pm only.I think that there is no stress in doing this and even if i have stress, it will dissapear when i get home and play computer.^^I think that these activities do not affect my school work as I usually finish my school work before I get home, and I do not study when I am home on weekdays, so it probably do not affect me.