Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Congats all for i finally deleted my videos!!!

Saving Gaia(Earth)

Gaia means Earth in Greek.

T2W10 Reflection

Well, I think that scientist cannot foresee a earthquake.Although,I heard stories about frogs jumping about as if trying to escape from Sichuan before the earthquake.If it is true,I think that it is not the scientist, but animals that can foresee a earthquake or disaster.I think that after that incident, the people of Sichuan can survive without someone to help him or her, and that,I believe, is the best thing about the earthquake.Although the people of Sichuan have lost their friends and family, they have learnt a important thing

T2W9 Reflection

Although i do not take school bus to school,I used too take it in Primary 1 and 2.I do not think that the bus has any safety problems as the bus driver in my bus always reminds pupils to seat down and not walk about and hold onto something just in case he suddenly brakes.But,some people do not listen and they play hand games instead of holding onto something and some walk to their friends seats and back.Still, most pupils follow the words of the driver.

T2W8 Reflection

My family does not celebrate Mothers Day.I thought of making a card for my mother,but when i was about to do it, mothers day already passed...I tried making it to prepare for next years mothers day,but I accidentally used it as ruff paper to do a maths sum... Now, i am trying to do a power point slide instead of a card for Mothers Day.I just hope i don't forget I did it.Its almost complete.All thats left is the thank you slide.I am trying too gt a beautiful picture for it.